Nightmare Gig Avoided 

    Last Saturday ,May 27. I prepared for a gig at a place called the green onion in Chester NY  I was looking forward to a stress free evening, our band had been practicing and we were really ready for this show. I packed the car with 2 guitars, a combo amp, and my pedal board. My timeline was moving along nicely. I had an hours drive ahead of me and 3 hours before the start time. Before I closed the car I made the decision to throw my small jacket in the back seat. When I closed the door, I immediately realized my keys were in my jacket and were now in the locked car. So much for things going smoothly. I realized I was in a jam and decided to call the locksmith. The locksmith was 45 minutes to an hour away, I guess I wasn't the only one that Saturday night to have an emergency. I grabbed a very small practice amp and another guitar and a cord and headed to the gig in a different car. My wife would wait for the locksmith and drive my gear to the show, and make it by the second set.

The plan worked, my gear was delivered and we had a great show.

The experience really got me thinking, what other emergencies/gear failures should I be ready for? Id like to hear what you think.